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A live, online and personal
foot & ankle course

Technique, outcomes and global management
By Dr. Manel Ballester and Dr. Gustavo Lucar.

¿What is Walant - Foot Innovate?

By joining this course you will learn how to implement Walant technique applied to foot and Ankle. When registering you will have access to:

Dr. Manel Ballester

Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Manel Ballester

Head of the department orthopedic surgery and Traumatology foot and ankle specialist. Hospital de Mataro - Clinica Creu Blanca

Dr. Gustavo Lucar

Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Gustavo Lucar

Orthopedic surgeon foot and ankle specialist. Hospital de Mataro - Clinica Creu Blanca

Upon registering, you will have access to our online platform, where you will have case studies, clinical cases and curated scientific articles. This access will be available throughout the entire course.

This course includes 1 live group session, of up to two hours, where Doctor Ballester and Lucar will cover 9 modules of theory, and there will be plenty of time for interactions and Q&A.

After the live session, you will have access to the recordings as well as a few exams to test your knowledge.

You will have 90 minutes online session with both Doctor Ballester and Lucar, where they will coach you directly on the Walant technique and answer all your questions. You will also have access to your recording of this session. (optional)

Join Doctor Ballester and Lucar at their Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, and experience in person a full day of one to one coaching covering, hands-on aspectes of the Walant technique applied to Foot and Ankle. (optional).

Complete all the sessions, excercises, online modules and activities and you will also get a participation certificate.

Save the date:

• Online course starts: Jan 01 to Dic 31, 2022

Limited places

To guarantee the best educational experience, this course has very limited places.  By joining this course, you will have access to:

• Online Content.

• Live online group session, Q&A and interactions.

• Access to the recordings and online exam.

• Participation certificate.

• Optional online 90 minutes 1 to 1 coaching session.

• Optional in-person 1 to 1 coaching session in Barcelona, Spain.

Please note that all the content and sessions will be delivered in English.



• What is WALANT technique and what are the applications in orthopaedic.

• How I perform the WALANTsolution, basic pharmacology.

• Evidence-based medicine in WALANT.

• Basic principles of WALANT anesthesia, from skin to periosteum.

• Technique in forefoot surgery.

• Technique in peroneal tendons.

• Technique in Achilles surgery.

• Technique in ankle fractures.

• Complications and their management.


• Persuation and change management in the surgical environment.

• Implementation plan for the WALANT technique where you work.

•  First cases the most important.

• Satisfaction in WALANT surgery.

•  “Limit” cases – Special situations.

• How to manage the initial resistance to the change.


• Review of previous phases and complex cases in WALANT


Online Session




  • Online Course pre-loaded - starts 1 January 2022
  • Video content
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One to One

Online Meeting



  • Online Course pre-loaded starts 1 January 2022
  • Video content
  • Personal Session 1 to 1 online
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One to One

In person



  • Online Course pre-loaded starts 1 January 2022
  • Video content
  • Personal Session 1 to 1 in Barcelona 1 week
  • Up to 3 Operating Room Sessions
  • 2 Coaching sessions
  • 1 Clinical cases session
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